McFey Salvage Series

We are shapeshifters who live as Friesian stallions or human men, blessed with magical gifts and immortality. While we explore our future, our magic is stirring, weaving new patterns, forming new connections, and calling to others.

Book Cover: A Curse of Time and Treasure by S.Z. Cypress
Book Cover: The Lure of Sea and Song by S.Z. Cypress

Letters From J.R. McFey’s Sea Chest

An exploration of the relationship between J.R. and Missy McFey…

Who or what was Christopher Haken to them? A true villain with a heart as dark as Black Beard’s or a dear family friend? The answers may well be buried in the bound stack of old love letters in J.R.’s sea chest. 

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Welcome readers and future readers of S.Z. Cypress!

Are you looking for adult romance novels where couples earn their happily ever after? Do you prefer strong female characters who don’t need to be saved? Are heroes who respect their lady your cup of tea? Does adventure make your heart beat faster? Do you need a little magic to brighten your day? Are you intrigued by history? You’ve come to the right place.

Grab a sweet, iced tea, and sit a spell.

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