I have always loved architecture, history, art and great romance novels.  A brick house, a river and an old porcelain doll inspired my first novel.  With my sister’s encouragement, I wrote and wrote and wrote.  Then I refined my skills. 

In 2007, we attended the RWA Convention with high hopes for my Golden Heart final.  While she chatted with her favorite authors, I peddled a book without a market.  Great book, wrong desk, wrong time.  I took it as a personal affront, my tiny bit of confidence crashed through the slim dream I had of being an author and life provided me with several off ramps I used to dodge my muse.  Publishing changed drastically, and I took a break.  I lost my sister to breast cancer in 2015.  I successfully fought breast cancer twice with the support of my family and friends.  I walked through a few small fires to reach a place where life is quiet.  I truly thought writing was in my past.  After all, none of my characters had spoken to me in years, technology had changed drastically, and I wasn’t sure how to write without my biggest cheerleader.  My daughter told me about a new kind of romance and dared me to open a file and start again.  Do I really want to write?  I discovered my imagination leashed and held captive.

I’ve found most battles start with a declaration.  I stood in my best power pose, stared at myself in the mirror and began anew.  I determined to write for my own enjoyment–gentleman heroes with serious seduction skills, capable though imperfect heroines, twisty plots, and serious character development.  I released my muse to create a new world of magnificent Friesian stallions, terrifying Florida predators and good old-fashioned chase-the-girl romance. 

After two decades of experimenting, I’ve found my sweet spot.  Without a formula, my stories are positive, the romance is sweet and sultry, not explicit, and everyone gets a happily-ever-after.

As difficult as it is to believe, I am a Florida Native, born and raised.  You might hear a little Alabama in my twang.  My mother’s people are from the panhandle.  I’m a mother, mother by love, grandmother of four, and protector of three fur babies:  the perfect puppy, the fat boy and the sweet baby.  I love crafts, cooking, house renovations, making models, furniture repairs and watching Florida wildlife. I hate heat. I hate humidity. I hate mosquitoes.